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Cloth Covered Pet Casket


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Wood shell with shirred crepe exterior in white, blue or pink with a white crepe interior.
Tailored RealTree ® exterior in pink or green.
Metal lid latch and hinges with the ability to remove lid for viewing.
This casket is suitable for burial or cremation.
This item is Manufacturer Direct

Available in 4 sizes (Inside Dimensions):
SMALL: 14″L x 10″W x 7″H
MEDIUM: 25″L x 12″W x 7″H
LARGE: 34″L x 15″W x 9″H
X-LARGE: 43″L x 19″W x 10″H

Which casket is suitable for my pet?
For casket length, please measure distance from tip of pet’s nose to the base of it’s tail.
For casket width, please measure distance from pet’s knees to the top of it’s back.
For casket height, please measure distance from outside of shoulder to the outside of the opposite shoulder.


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