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President’s Letter to Family Members

As a mother, father or family member Cherokee Child Casket Company extends to you our deepest sympathy.

The human life cycle for the most part is taken for granted until the sudden death of a child which disrupts the natural law and order of life. There is no greater loss than the death of a child. The death of a child for parents brings a grief far greater than any other loss. Hopes and dreams have been crushed and the journey of grief will be lifelong and many times painful.

However, the long and painful process of healing for grieving parents many times begins with your trusted funeral director. Cherokee does not sell its child funeral products directly to the public. We trust the funeral service professional to offer you the care, service and support you need.

You are welcome to view our quality child funeral products available to you through your funeral professional. You will also find on this site resources and links that you may find helpful.

Contact your funeral director who is always ready to serve you at your time of need with questions and help on any of Cherokee’s quality Products.